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Bringing you the magic of music and movement

Let danceSing Care bring a new and fresh wellbeing approach with their unique evidence based online music and movement programme.

Created with care for care

Exclusive wellbeing experience designed to offer opportunities for people to participate in meaningful music and movement activities that positively promote their mental and physical health and happiness.


Developed with NHS healthcare professionals

Developed in consultation with Psychologists and Occupational Therapists from Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust and Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

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Making a positive difference to people's lives

Promoting positive wellbeing key to optimum functioning and independence, such as life satisfaction, optimism, self-esteem, feeling in control, having purpose in life, and a sense of belonging and support.

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danceSing Support Benefits

Including, evidence based transformation delivery, positive impact on CQC reports, wellbeing programmes tailored to each individual/unit/home, opportunities for staff to skill up and gain expertise.

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“The danceSing Care resources are a lovely way of supporting care home staff to meet their residents’ need for meaningful engagement, social interaction, physical exercise and fun, improving wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond”
Dr Joanna Marshall, Clinical Psychologist
Durham and Darlington Care Home Liaison TEWV NHS Foundation Trust

Anytime, anywhere

Stream our sessions from your TV, tablet, computer, or mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere, you choose.

Expert led teaching

World-class teachers available to share tips on how to facilitate sessions and get the most from partcipants.

Fun fitness friendship

Private danceSing Care community for exchanging ideas, offering support, and feeling connected.

Five-star experience

Creative team with collective wealth of knowledge, experience, energy, enthusiasm and passion.

Encouraging togetherness

Helping residents, families and carers to connect, socialise, celebrate success and build a better society.

Impactful results

Unlocking memories, increasing independence, mobility, strength & mood, reducing anxiety & falls.