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Movement and Fitness

Let danceSing Care create a feeling of enhanced wellbeing with their fun and uplifting Movement and Fitness Programme.


Have fun whilst you move and groove to improve wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our sessions are social, engaging but most importantly fun. Our movement resources focus on improving posture, strength, and flexibility, boosting cardiovascular health, and mobilising the joints.

Our dance-based movement resources include:- Chair Fitness, Standing Fitness, Dementia Specific Chair Sessions, and Short Circulation Boosters. All sessions begin with a gentle warm up and close with a calm relaxing cooldown stretch.

Sample Music

Norwegian Wood (by The Beatles), Little help From My Friends (by The Beatles), Summertime (by Porgy and Bess), Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (by Doris Day), and How Deep is Your Love (by The Bee Gees).

Our music arrangements have all been created by the very talented and acclaimed composer Karen MacIver especially for danceSing Care.

Our bespoke resources are fun and stimulating and aim to:

  • Maintain and improve mobility, strength, and circulation;
  • Reduce the risk of falls;
  • Encourage social engagement and feeling of togetherness;
  • Improve cognitive function and dexterity;
  • Uplift mood and self-esteem;
  • Reduce anxiety;
  • Promote calm and relaxation.

danceSing Care ‘Champions’

danceSing want to connect with activity coordinators and facilitators (our danceSing Care ‘Champions’) so that we can help to support, motivate, advise, and encourage the sharing of best practice with other danceSing Care Champions across the UK.

Our vibrant online danceSing Care wellbeing community is a safe space for danceSing Care ‘Champions’ to share ideas, access training, and foster feelings of togetherness and wellbeing.

You can find our current list of online on-demand programme content here

"One resident who uses a Zimmer frame stood up doing the swan move and walked forward without her Zimmer and wanted to dance. danceSing Care gave her so much confidence!"
Campbell Snowdon House, Abbeyfield Group