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How do I subscribe to danceSing Care?

For any further information or to sign up, simply email us at or fill in our register form to express your interest.

What’s included in my subscription?

danceSing Care features UNLIMITED access to a variety of bespoke music and movement resources including singing, music, dance fitness, chair and standing fitness, short calming relaxation sessions, dementia specific resources, monthly ‘Memory Lane’ radio shows, plus pre-recorded and Live special events.  Plus, supportive community engagement via our private danceSing Care Facebook page where you can connect, share ideas and best practice and just enjoy being a part of a wider supportive care community network of amazing “danceSing Care Champions” across the UK who are passionate about health and wellbeing. Simply get in touch at for more information.

Who are the music and movement resources suitable for?

Suitable for the care community residents and carers.  Dementia specific resources are included in each series.  Simply get in touch at for more information.

How much does danceSing Care cost?

Please get in touch at to discuss pricing and payment options.