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Case Studies

Elmhurst Short Stay Centre

Short-stay centre says danceSing Care is “win-win situation” for everyone involved.

I am the Activities Coordinator at a short-stay centre in North Manchester.

Along with many other places this summer, we were recently invited to sample some of the resources on offer which was great. Together with other individuals who share this role, it can be a constant challenge to find things that are appropriate, fun, engaging and well produced.

As a short stay facility, we have a high turnover of customers.  Most, but certainly not all, are living with dementia at various stages as well as with other challenging conditions.

I chose to use several of the chair-based exercise sessions, plus Calm Fitness.  Our customers really enjoyed them.  Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the preparation and delivery.  It was easy for us to follow, session length was spot on and enjoyable at the same time, so a ‘win-win’ situation all round.

We also used the music resources, and these were finished off beautifully with the Music Melody compilation.  I used this after a short meditation session with our residents and it fitted beautifully.

danceSing Care has a superb choice of resources available which certainly makes the task of bringing person-centred, high-quality choice and fun activities into the lives of those in our care that much easier.

I’m spreading the word!

Karen Wood
Elmhurst Short Stay Centre
Persona Care and Support